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Are you a Indian millennial who has been forced into vegetarianism? Or are you a parent who is a vegetarian and want your kids to follow your footsteps ? Then this write up for you…

To all the people reading this , I know that it’s difficult to stop thinking about the food especially after seeing the pictures of food but I am going to need your attentions for two minutes. To all the parents, this blog will help you realise why not to force vegetarianism on your kids and… Continue Reading →

Is our Education System equivalent to The Blue Whale ?

Every year there is a trend newspapers reporting cases of young kids committing suicide right after the release of board mark sheet. I cannot help but connect the similarities of the Blue Whale game to our education system . For anyone who is not familiar with the “Blue Whale” game or the “Blue Whale Challenge… Continue Reading →

Online Education

The first theme that I picked out was “Living Together Sustainably: Learning to Transform Oneself and Society” , which was very interactive and honestly , was one of the best sessions. The professors gave us insights to the online learning and how it has changed the face of education. They talked about how online education… Continue Reading →

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